Category List – Best Novel

* BOLD records denote winners
Total Records Found: 317, showing 100 per page
Award YearAward CategoryTitleAuthor's NamePublisher/ProducerNotes
1980 Best Novel A Coat of Varnish C.P. Snow Scribners
1980 Best Novel Death of a Mystery Writer Robert Barnard Scribners
1980 Best Novel Fire in the Barley Frank Parrish Dodd, Mead
1980 Best Novel Make Death Love Me Ruth Rendell Doubleday
1979 Best Novel The Eye of the Needle Ken Follett Arbor House
1979 Best Novel A Sleeping Life Ruth Rendell Doubleday
1979 Best Novel Listening Woman Tony Hillerman Harper & Row
1979 Best Novel The Shallow Grave Jack S. Scott Harper & Row
1979 Best Novel The Snake John Godey Putnam
1978 Best Novel Catch Me: Kill Me William H. Hallahan Bobbs-Merrill
1978 Best Novel Laidlaw William McIlvanney Pantheon
1978 Best Novel Nightwing Martin Cruz Smith W.W. Norton & Co.
1977 Best Novel Promised Land Robert B. Parker Houghton Mifflin
1977 Best Novel A Madness of the Heart Richard Neely Crowell
1977 Best Novel The Cavanaugh Quest Thomas Gifford Putnam
1977 Best Novel The Glory Boys Gerald Seymour Random House
1977 Best Novel The Main Trevanian Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1976 Best Novel Hopscotch Brian Garfield M. Evans
1976 Best Novel Harry's Game Gerald Seymour Random House
1976 Best Novel Operation Alcestic Maggie Rennert Prentice-Hall
1976 Best Novel The Gargoyle Conspiracy Martin Albert Doubleday
1976 Best Novel The Money Harvest Ross Thomas Wm. Morrow
1975 Best Novel Peter's Pence Jon Cleary Wm. Morrow
1975 Best Novel Goodbye and Amen Francis Clifford Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
1975 Best Novel The Lester Affair Andrew Garve Harper & Row
1975 Best Novel The Man Who Loved Zoos Malcolm Bosse Putnam
1975 Best Novel The Silver Bears Paul E. Erdman Scribners
1974 Best Novel Dance Hall of the Dead Tony Hillerman Harper & Row
1974 Best Novel Amigo, Amigo Francis Clifford Coward, McCann & Geoghegan
1974 Best Novel An Unsuitable Job for a Woman P.D. James Scribners
1974 Best Novel Dear Laura Jean Stubbs Stein & Day
1974 Best Novel The Rainbird Pattern Victor Canning Wm. Morrow
1973 Best Novel The Lingala Code Warren Kiefer Random House
1973 Best Novel Canto for a Gypsy Martin Cruz Smith Putnam
1973 Best Novel Five Pieces of Jade John Ball Little, Brown
1973 Best Novel The Shooting Gallery Hugh C. Rae Coward, McCann & Geoghegan
1973 Best Novel Tied Up in Tinsel Ngaio Marsh Little, Brown
1972 Best Novel The Day of the Jackal Frederick Forsyth Viking
1972 Best Novel Shroud for a Nightingale P.D. James Scribners
1972 Best Novel Sir, You Bastard G.F. Newman Simon & Schuster
1972 Best Novel The Fly on the Wall Tony Hillerman Harper & Row
1972 Best Novel Who Killed Enoch Powell? Arthur Wise Harper & Row
1971 Best Novel The Laughing Policeman Maj Sjowall, Per Wahloo Pantheon
1971 Best Novel Autumn of a Hunter Pat Stadley Random House
1971 Best Novel Beyond this Point Are Monsters Margaret Millar Random House
1971 Best Novel Many Deadly Returns Patricia Moyes Holt, Rinehart & Winston
1971 Best Novel The Hot Rock Donald E. Westlake Simon & Schuster
1971 Best Novel The Hound and the Fox and the Harper Shaun Herron Random House
1970 Best Novel Forfeit Dick Francis Harper & Row
1970 Best Novel Blind Man with a Pistol Chester Himes Wm. Morrow
1970 Best Novel Miro Shaun Herron Random House
1970 Best Novel The Old English Peep Show Peter Dickinson Harper & Row
1970 Best Novel When in Greece Emma Lathen Simon & Schuster
1970 Best Novel Where the Dark Streets Go Dorothy Salisbury Davis Scribners
1969 Best Novel A Case of Need Jeffery Hudson World
1969 Best Novel A Glass-Sided Ants' Nest Peter Dickinson Harper & Row
1969 Best Novel Blood Sport Dick Francis Harper & Row
1969 Best Novel God Speed the Night Dorothy Salisbury Davis, Jerome Ross Scribners
1969 Best Novel Picture Miss Seeton Heron Carvic Harper & Row
1969 Best Novel The Valentine Estate Stanley Ellin Random House
1968 Best Novel God Save the Mark Donald E. Westlake Random House
1968 Best Novel A Parade of Cockeyed Creatures George Baxt Random House
1968 Best Novel Flying Finish Dick Francis Harper & Row
1968 Best Novel Lemon in the Basket Charlotte Armstrong Coward-McCann
1968 Best Novel Rosemary's Baby Ira Levin Random House
1968 Best Novel The Gift Shop Charlotte Armstrong Coward-McCann
1967 Best Novel The King of the Rainy Country Nicolas Freeling Harper & Row
1967 Best Novel Killer Dolphin Ngaio Marsh Little, Brown
1967 Best Novel Odds Against Dick Francis Harper & Row
1967 Best Novel The Busy Body Donald E. Westlake Random House
1966 Best Novel The Quiller Memorandum Adam Hall Simon & Schuster
1966 Best Novel Airs Above the Ground Mary Stewart Wm. Morrow
1966 Best Novel Funeral in Berlin Len Deighton Putnam
1966 Best Novel The Far Side of the Dollar Ross Macdonald Knopf
1966 Best Novel The Pale Betrayer Dorothy Salisbury Davis Scribners
1966 Best Novel The Perfect Murder H.R.F. Keating Dutton
1965 Best Novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold John le Carre Coward-McCann
1965 Best Novel The Fiend Margaret Millar Random House
1965 Best Novel The Night of the Generals Hans Hellmut Kirst Harper & Row
1965 Best Novel This Rough Magic Mary Stewart Wm. Morrow
1964 Best Novel The Light of Day Eric Ambler Knopf
1964 Best Novel Grieve for the Past Stanton Forbes Doubleday
1964 Best Novel The Expendable Man Dorothy B. Hughes Random House
1964 Best Novel The Make-Believe Man Elizabeth Fenwick Harper & Row
1964 Best Novel The Player on the Other Side Ellery Queen Random House
1963 Best Novel Death and the Joyful Woman Ellis Peters Doubleday
1963 Best Novel Knave of Hearts Dell Shannon Wm. Morrow
1963 Best Novel Seance Mark McShane Doubleday
1963 Best Novel The Ballad of the Running Man Shelley Smith Harper & Row
1963 Best Novel The Evil Wish Jean Potts Scribners
1963 Best Novel The Zebra-Striped Hearse Ross Macdonald Knopf
1962 Best Novel Gideon's Fire J.J. Marric Harper
1962 Best Novel Night of Wenceslas Lionel Davidson Harper
1962 Best Novel Nightmare Anne Blaisdell Harper
1962 Best Novel The Green Stone Suzanne Blanc Harper
1962 Best Novel The Wycherly Woman Ross Macdonald Knopf
1961 Best Novel The Progress of a Crime Julian Symons Harper
1961 Best Novel The Devil's Own Peter Curtis Doubleday
1961 Best Novel The Traces of Brillhart Herbert Brean Harper
1961 Best Novel Watcher in the Shadows Geoffrey Household Little, Brown